Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry I haven't been keeping you all up to date on Polyface.  I have several photos in my camera... where ever it has been lain down... and when I find it I will post them.

Here are a few updates:

We are butchering birds!!!  Today we butchered 700 broilers.  I usually gut birds but not today.  Today I did the killing.  I never thought I could say that I killed 700 animals in one day, but now I can.  Emotionally it doesn't bother me.  Maybe if I get some time I'll write an essay about why it doesn't.

Lunch Box is making a great lead pig and has endeared herself the the farm.

We have lots of pig on pasture... so actually on grass at a rental farm.  They love it and graze like you wouldn't believe.

My parents are coming to see me this weekend for my birthday on Sunday!!!

I'll try and update soon...


Evelyn said...

HBD2U... HBD2U... HBDDG... HBD2U!!!

700 in one day... WOW... I can't even imagine that! We have 200+ on our entire farm! We let ours all run free, like you do the broilers. We process 50 or so a day.

Jedidja said...

Great stuff :) Really looking forward to reading more about your adventures on Polyface.

Am trying pastured poultry near the house this summer after reading Joel's book. Still have to figure out the slaughtering part, but there's some time until that happens :)

nowesmit said...

I have a question... Where does Polyface get the waterers that they use for the poltry once they are on pasture? I have been looking around for a couple of months and nothing seems close. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I can imagine this is an amazingly busy time on the farm, looking forward to reading more when you get a chance to take a breath and fill us in. :)

Country Girl said...

Happy B-day!

Evelyn said...

How was your Birthday?
Hope it was great, birthdays should be great!
Looking forward to more of the happenings on Polyface.