Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Photos From David Schafer

So I finally have a little breathing time to get some photos up on the Blog.  I hope you enjoy!!

Andrew and I going to look at the pigs.

Andrew also doubles as a dumbbell.

He was holding onto a stick... the stick broke.

Here is a shot of the electric fence in the pig pasture.  We actually have pigs on pasture (not just woods).

Here is the shade-mobile we use with the pigs on pasture.

More pigs on pasture... you can see in the background the wooden gates we use between paddocks.  We tried electric gates but the pigs didn't want to cross the ground where the gates were after we had opened it.


Country Girl said...

Very cool. How many strands of fencing for the pigs?

Evelyn said...

Couple questions.
Do the pigs scratch themselves on the shademobile? All of our stock is constantly tearing stuff up using it as a scratching post. I'm trying to get my hands on a used street sweeper brush to put on a post for scratching, but haven't had any luck on finding one yet.
I wonder how the pigs would feel about electric tape instead of wire. Or wire w/ ribbons. Our pens are smaller & we move more often, to keep them from rooting. I'd hate to have to set up a wooden gate in a new spot every week.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, must be nice not to have many of the large predators that we have! Pigs on pasture is just not possible here. In fact, pigs are not possible here. The grizzly bears like them too much!