Thursday, April 23, 2009

USA Today Article

An article on Polyface ran yesterday in USA Today for Earth Day and I wanted to share it with everyone.  Great article about us and I even got a quote in.  There is a Video on the same page that is pretty rockin' (I'm in it briefly watering the field shelters, but no talking... I'll leave that to the pros.)



Anonymous said...

Nice article! And the video was cool, too. I'm going to have to catch that film.


PS: Miss your regular entries. I check your blog about every other day. Hope you find the time to post more often.

Evelyn said...

Cool Video & great atricle!

I've got the next assignment for y'll... an info clearing house. I have a 50 acre farm that I'm looking for a farming partner for. We have cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, geese, ducks, rabbits & chix. Current partners are having family issues & are going to have to move to help his parents. I need someone to replace them. I get as much as I can put in my freezer, they get all the rest of the meat & animals sold. (Retained breeders are mine.) We're the other side of Organic, Cert'd Nat Grown. I want to build our own processing facility on the farm sometime in the next few years.
I need to find a place that has folks wanting to get started in doing things the same way I want them done. There's a 2 bedroom house on the farm, they pay $350 rent, but that should be easy to pay from sales. When I found Joel & his books, I was so greatful for someone who finally got it! Now, I need to find someone who gets it & wants a place to express their get-it-ness. :)

nowesmit said...

I have a question... Where does Polyface get the waterers that they use for the poltry once they are on pasture? I have been looking around for a couple of months and nothing seems close. Thanks.