Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Way To Bleed A Chicken

In reference to killing broilers (or any chicken for that matter), Squaw Creek Ranch asked, "Now, what is "best" , as far as getting all the blood out, chop off their heads or cut the arteries?"

Well... here are a few links about processing chickens, one of which is me killing a chicken.

David Schafer with Featherman Equipment Company sells poultry processing equipment and comes highly recommended by the Salatins. He came out to the farm and took pictures and video and then created these videos in order to help people learn how to process chickens. If you are ever in need of poultry processing equipment here is the company's contact information.

Featherman Equipment Co.

PO Box 62
Jamesport, MO 64648

(660) 684-6035

Jessica also asked, "Videos? I'd love to see them (The Pigs) moving about." Must be her lucky day. Here is a video I took back in the spring of a group of pigs immediately after I moved them into a new pasture. Notice the grazing.


Robert said...

The chicken slaughter videos are very informative and well shot. Thanks for sharing them.

I'm curious about the knife Daniel Salatin uses in his video to cut up the chickens. Can you tell us anything about it?

Marci said...

Great videos. What brand of knives do they use and what do they sharpen them with. That has been our biggest problem... finding knives that will take and hold an edge.

Anonymous said...

Some chicks get all the action.

Anonymous said...

This was greatly useful as I had to kill and eviscerate my first chicken ever today.. see my blog for the details of how it went


Jon said...


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oh this sounds a violent way to process a chicken, I think I would not be able to do such thing since I'm an animal lover and I don't like to hurt them in any way