Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Time At Polyface Has Ended

To all that have been so curious about Polyface farm:

September 30th ended my year long apprenticeship at Polyface. Now I have cast off into the world to start my own. My time at Polyface was unbelievable! I do believe I learned more in a year at Polyface then I did in 4 years of college (I still love you OSU cowboys). The Salatin's are a wonderful family and I look forward to knowing them the rest of my life. Polyface is the keel that keeps local farmers on course for sustainability and innovation. They will be my keel as I begin to serve my local community with Grass-based meats.

As for this blog... It is finished.

But... I will start a new blog as soon as possible about my farming and marketing experiences. Look for the link in a couple weeks on this blog. Those of you residing Oklahoma and North Texas in need for some fresh, local, grass-based meat and eggs shoot me an email sometime.

Grady Phelan

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Tracy said...

Looking forward to your next blog, Grady :)