Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here is a picture of the triple york egg I had for breakfast back in like March. Just found the picture and wanted to share. Here on Polyface we have about 6000 laying hens and we eat the cracks. On this morning the egg I was going to eat was huge (more than 3oz) and when I broke it on the griddle I was pleasantly surprised.


Zechariah Stover said...

I’ve seen plenty of double yoked eggs but never a triple. I guess with the number of eggs you go through there you would see some really odd ones.

Erica said...

Very neat. Our hens just started laying and my 6 y/o picked out a big 3oz egg, just a double yolker, but he was one proud little man lol :)

Farmer in Training said...

Hi there Grady!! I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I live in MT, but grew up in Covington, VA...which is less than an hr from Polyface. I visited there w/ my parents around last Christmas and we got to tour ourselves around the farm. It was pouring, but it was still wonderful to get to see everything.

I have a flock of layers and had a few questions for you about how Polyface does things. I hope you don't mind me asking them here. First, my laying flock is free range and they are only just now (finally!!) getting to laying age. I believe that Polyface's laying flock is also free range? If so, I was wondering if you know how they get the chickens to lay in the egg mobile as opposed to, say, under the hen's favorite bush?

I was also curious what breeds of layers are used there? When we toured about, I remember seeing the (I assumed) black australorps in one of the hoop houses. There were also some red hens mixed in (if I'm remembering right). Were they Rhode Island Reds? Are there other breeds used for laying there? Do they alternate the types year to year to remember which ones are yr old, 2 yrs old, etc? And, are the broiler birds jumbo cornish x rocks? And, lastly, does polyface order from one particular hatchery...or maybe they hatch their own chicks? Hmmm....

Anyway, haha--I know that was way more than a "few" questions. Sorry for possibly overusing your willingness to play question/answer! If any seem like info the farm doesn't want to share, no worries. I am just finishing up my first year trying to get into the poultry business so I have WAAAY more questions than answers at this point. Thanks so much for sharing your experience via your blog. I really enjoyed all of the information and hope that you've had an amazing year!!